Text Box: Newsletter Date 2/1/2004
Text Box: Volume 2 Issue 1
Text Box: Information To Improve Your Bottom Line
Text Box: When Is An Error Not An Error by Glenn E Ross
Text Box: You test a switch and find that some local calls are producing an AMA record with an incorrect call code. After investigation you are told that for one thing local calls are flat rated and the accuracy of the record does not affect billing, and besides that, the billing system does a terminating point lookup and corrects call code problems.
So you really didnít find an error, I guess.
You test a switch and find that in an area where a toll call is dialed 7 digits to the home NPA that about half the calls dialed 10 digit complete but create the correct AMA record. Since the incorrectly dialed calls write the correct AMA record, no harm done.
So you really didnít find an error.
You test a switch and find that a percentage of Text Box: local calls do not produce an AMA record. The customers have flat rated local calling so they are billed correctly.
So you really didnít find an error.
There seems to be the impression among many in management that if a switch error does not directly affect revenue, it is not an error worthy of concern. This is a dangerous thought. Testing a switch is more than a revenue assurance exercise. Customer service, regulations, and just plain business practices are all affected by switch errors. If the switch doesnít route and record calls in the way in which has been defined, it is in error. If the switch allows calls to be dialed incorrectly, routed incorrectly, or recorded incorrectly, it has errors. 
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Text Box: During these extremely competitive times The Board Room Inc. knows that telecom companies need to fight for every nickel  left on the table.  This is why we have setup a workshop where companies will be able to share information and knowledge with the hope of improving everyone's bottom line.  The intent of this workshop is to primarily help companies learn from one another .   
 Throughout the day of April 20th we are going to ask companies to share general information regarding how they test their switches .  In particular we will ask that companies prepare sample test plans and include examples of how they calculate revenue leakage.  The Board Room Inc. will lead the discussion along with consultants from KPMG and PROTIVITI.  
The Board Room, KPMG, & PROTIVITI  Text Box: will be sharing unbiased information that may be useful in helping  attendees understand where some of the greatest revenue leakage occurs and how to find it . 
Please do not hesitate to call or e-mail us for additional information. 
Location: Chicago Area / Romeoville
Workshop: Free
Hotel: Rooms have been reserved at a cost of $79/night at the Country Inn & Suites.  Continental Buffet Breakfast Included!
Food: Lunch will be provided. 
Contact Bob Miller at 630-378-3500
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