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The Never Ending Story

The PAT Software has been under constant enhancement since 1991 in order to ensure that it is constantly meeting the needs of an ever changing telecom industry.  As a PAT customer you are entitled to join our user group forum and monthly conference call.  Input from all of our users helps to drive the continual PAT development.  It is our goal to make PAT one of the most effctive revenue assurance tools in your toolbox.


The PAT System Software consists of several 32-bit applications designed to run on a Windows server running NT4.0 or greater. These modules include:

PAT User Interface

Script Builder

Hardware Communications Dialer

AMA Compare

This modular design allows for simple testing of a single switch or hundreds of switches.

The PAT development team is dedicated to providing our customers with continuously enhanced software evolving from a user-centered design philosophy. All software is easy to use and can be customized to work within your existing revenue assurance system.

The PAT System User Interface is used for data entry, launching tests, reviewing results and reporting. The User Interface contains tools for enhancing NPA split testing. It also includes:

Complete office and contact information

Ability to and use test scenarios

Ability to create and schedule tests

NPA split utility

Shortcut tools for common tasks

Verification of data with LERG

The Script Builder automates the creation of test call scripts. The user defines tests based on various criteria. The Script Builder automatically creates the test call script from a master list of terminating test numbers. Features of the Script Builder include:

User-maintained single master terminating test number list

User-defined test definitions

Automatic creation of test call scripts

The Hardware Communications Dialer uploads the test call scripts to the PAT System hardware located at one or more central offices and disconnects. The dialer estimates the time to completion, retrieves the completed call scripts and updates the PAT System database. The dialer also updates the hardware firmware automatically making upgrades invisible to the user. The Hardware Communications Dialer:

Automatically updates hardware firmware

Provides remote access to PAT hardware

The AMA Compare imports the ASCII AMA data and matches it to the PAT System results of each call. The Compare then checks the AMA data against the expected results for each call. With the AMA Compare any field in the AMA record can be checked and verified. Specifically, the AMA Compare can:

Check AMA data for integrity on import

Run completely automated

Provide detailed failure reports for your analysis

Other software modules enhance the system.

The LERG Import Utility allows the user to import the monthly LERG data released by BELLCORE. The PAT System uses the LERG data for various functions including data integrity checks.

The AMA Capture Utility allows the automatic retrieval of the ASCII AMA data for completely automated compares.

PAT for JAVA allows platform independent limited remote access through an Intranet.

telecom revenue assurance