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Differentiating PAT From Call Simulation

Comparing the two technologies is like comparing apples and oranges. PAT is an intelligent call generation system that creates and executes real world calls for the purpose of verifying that all calls are recorded and billed correctly. Call Simulation is designed primarily to test and validate aspects of switch translations.











PAT  (Intelligent Call Generation)

Testing Translations

These systems completely test the translations tables against common parameters of expected results and generate reports that include all possible errors including many that are not revenue impacting.  The final analysis of this data may include actually generating calls to verify results and can take several weeks or months to conclude.

This system is capable of completely testing the translations tables, but is typically focused to test the highest percentage of revenue producing lines.  Customers using this system are finding many of their revenue impacting errors with tests of 400 – 1500 calls per line class code or rate center. The final analysis of this data usually takes a couple of days.

Test connections to other networks

Most simulated systems do not connect to external networks

PAT allows you to verify the connections and routing to a different carrier. If your customer cannot reach another network, to them it is your fault since you provide them dial tone. In some instances, the end office does not always return the correct answer supervision which can affect the way the call is billed.

Test CIC activations

Most simulated systems do not connect to external networks

As new CICs are activated in a switch, a call generation system can be used as a remote dialer and recorder to verify the new CICs are activated.

Identify Post Dial Delay

Most simulated systems do not connect to external networks

In the cut throat market of providing international service, post dial delay is an important factor in identifying quality of service. Call through testing systems can be used to identify the post dial delay.

Verify Translations Data from a different source

When the translations tables are verified they are often validated using the same source of information as was used to populate them in the first place. In this situation a company will not be able to identify if the information was correct to begin with.

Since the PAT System is more often used for complete revenue assurance testing, the dialing areas and other relevant information will be collected from the financial or billing organizations rather than the network organization. This process validates the initial data used to populate the switch and verifies that all organizations are in agreement.

Test the billing system

Varies: Most call simulation products do not analyze the final bill.

PAT creates a controlled environment therefore call scripts can be designed to specifically test the billing system. The records can be followed to the final bill for any originating calls.


Starts at $20,000+/switch

Starts under $11,000/switch for hardware and software combined.


Varies: Frequently billed as service bureau ($20,000+/switch/test) or as volume sales.

For approximately $11,000/switch you are up and running. Software resides with customer.  Test as often as you want from any PC in your WAN.



















In a perfect world a company would use both call through testing and call simulation to compliment each other, but in the real world decisions have to be made based on budgets. In today’s budget based environment where dollars are tight companies require versatile tools to accomplish the tasks at hand.  Intelligent call generation systems like PAT have continually proven themselves to be the most cost effective choice to meet the telecom industry’s needs.  With PAT you can test every aspect of providing dial tone.  From order entry to the bill and all points in between, PAT is your single solution for protecting your bottom line and improving customer relations.

For additional information on the PAT System please contact us at or 630-378-3500.

telecom revenue assurance